Working with a guide and mentor to empower you...

And provide one on one support and guidance through your health journey.

A supportive environment that promotes health and wellness and being a vibrant YOU through inspiring self-directed, sustainable changes.

As your health coach

I will listen carefully and be accessible to you while we navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together.

We'll work towards finding what works for YOU. My main offering is email-based health coaching, but I offer a limited quantity of traditional coaching packages as well. Learn more below or book your complimentary Discovery Call here.

Enjoy the motivation and accountability of working with a health coach, with the convenience of connecting via email

So why email coaching?

  • It is less expensive and easier to use than coaching via phone, Skype or face to face;
  • You can email me anytime during the coaching package period and I’ll respond within 48 hours (but typical response is much quicker);
  • By using written words you can get detailed responses with additional links and resources;
  • For some, it's more comfortable to spend time writing out thoughts and problems;
  • You'll have time to think through your responses and really delve deep;
  • You can save all our email exchanges, reread and reuse them anytime you want.

You'll have a knowledgeable advisor who provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes for optimal health.

This email coaching package is meant to go alongside my signature course, Paleo Lifestyle BootcampThis course, although incredibly useful, does not offer the personalized one-on-one attention that some people desire. 

The course includes a Facebook community that can help answer basic questions and provide some support, but it can't provide the one on one attention that an unlimited email coaching service provides.

Sometimes that little extra push from one-on-one support can make all the difference! I want to be your catalyst for behavioral change that lasts a lifetime.

Even though coaching is email-based, feel free to book a complimentary Discovery Call so we can get a better idea if this is right for you!

The price for this package, which includes Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp is $794.

Prefer traditional coaching?

No problem!

A traditional coaching package will include the course, Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp, all the benefits of the email-based coaching described above and 6 one-on-one phone/zoom/skype calls. 

The cost of this package is $1247, but the quantity of calls is negotiable and therefore the price may fluctuate.

Book a Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit. 

Here's how it will work:

We will follow the Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp course structure, focusing on each week's challenges. BUT... This coaching is for YOU. Don't want to talk about the week's topic? No problem. You are a unique individual and this is YOUR time to get the support you need. I'm your ear and whatever challenges you have, that's what we will focus on! 

The reason I have my coaching clients take my course is that the background knowledge I provide in the course serves as a backbone to an optimal diet and lifestyle. We then attach your unique needs to that backbone to create an individualized plan.

By providing the foundational material, we can spend all of our time on up-leveling your health instead of being boggled down in details.

I'll send weekly check-in emails to help guide discussion, but you have unlimited email access and can email anytime, anywhere.

No question too small, no problem too big

Better health can change your life

Let's work to understand the factors influencing your health so you can get the clarity you need.  What would it feel like to know you were moving forward with your health?

Are we a good fit?

Let's see!

Book a complimentary 20 minute Discovery call so we can discuss your health challenges and see if my offerings (course, email-coaching or traditional coaching) would be a good fit for you.

Book your zero-risk call today:

If the times you see do not fit your schedule, please email me and we can arrange a time that better suits your needs. You're also welcome to email me with any and all questions you have:

About Your Coach


Ania Wiesak, M.S., PHC

Hi! I'm Ania. I'm a certified Primal Health Coach and paleo-inspired natural health blogger over at Live Clean Nourish. I also hold a master's degree in Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management. I am passionate about health and even more passionate about the power of taking an ancestral eye to our health decisions. I believe that diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver's seat. Let's revolutionize what it means to be healthy and live the vibrant lives we're supposed to.

Reclaim your health in 10 weeks through real food, clean living, exercising smarter, getting back to nature and leading a vibrant life.

With a certified Primal Health Coach by your side, you’ll learn anything and everything there is to know to begin your journey to optimal health. I cover it all, from the standards of diet and exercise, to reducing overall toxin burden to sleep, stress, sunshine, and everything else in between. With loads of information (I mean that, loads) and the proper tools…

we’ll reshape your mindset towards better health so you can make the sustainable changes necessary to set yourself up for a lifetime of health.

I want to learn more about Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp