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With a certified Primal Health Coach by your side, you’ll learn anything and everything there is to know to begin your journey to optimal health. I cover it all, from the standards of diet and exercise, to reducing overall toxin burden to sleep, stress, sunshine, and everything else in between. With loads of information (I mean that, loads) and the proper tools…

We’ll reshape your mindset...

so you can make the sustainable changes necessary to set yourself up for a lifetime of health.

Let's fast track your health to the next level. But this is not about dieting, this is about lifestyling

We need to make the mindset shift away from short term diets towards long term health.

Better health starts now.

Are you...

✔️ a lifelong learner who likes to learn the why's and gets empowered by knowledge?

✔️ questioning mainstream nutritional dogma and interested in learning more about the paleo lifestyle?

✔️ in need of inspiration and a mindset shift?

✔️ ready to finally get results on your health journey?

✔️ wanting to learn more about health concepts so that you can make changes that guide you for the rest of your life?

✔️ looking to manage your weight to better your health, not just for a temporary bikini fitting? 

Would you like to:

✔️ Reduce disease risk

✔️ Help manage existing disease

✔️ Increase energy

✔️ Attain a healthy weight

✔️ Improve mood

✔️ Sleep better

✔️ Improve gut health

✔️ Manage blood sugar

✔️ Lower inflammation

 ✔️ And the list goes on...

This might not be for you if...

Your only goal is weight loss. My philosophy is that it's not about losing weight but GAINING health. Weight loss is a pleasant byproduct for some people.

 You are not interested in an academic style of learning and simply want to be told what to do. This course is for people who want to be empowered to make their own choices.

 You only care about the Paleo diet and are not interested in other lifestyle factors. I spend half the course talking about non-diet factors for optimal health as I believe they are just as important as food.

You're the CEO of your health

Are you ready to be your own best advocate and take charge?

Support for lifestyle and nutritional changes are clearly lacking in our current western model... so it's up to us to make the changes necessary for optimal health.

But where do we begin?

We want to fuel our bodies in a way that brings wellness, reduces disease risk, and makes us feel vibrant

Proper nutrition that consists of eating real, nutrient-dense food is the cornerstone of good health.

We have a nutritionally defunct food supply and are inundated with poor dietary advice. Industry interests are at the heart of our nutritional advice, paving the way for fat phobia, highly inflammatory vegetable oils, and a grain heavy diet lacking the proper nutrients we need to thrive.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what to eat and what not to eat.

I’m going to tell you why specific foods may pose negative health consequences and why certain foods are more likely to give you the nutrients you need to thrive. 

You can ultimately decide what is in your “paleo template”, a more flexible, individualized approach utilizing ancestral wisdom while taking into account the modern world we live in today. 

We are all individuals with unique biological needs and concerns.

The modern world is wreaking havoc on our health

Good nutrition is vital, but it's not everything

There's a limited mindset in the health and wellness sphere that diet and exercise are the only major players in health.

Reducing overall toxin exposures

Exercising smarter (not necessarily more), enjoying relationships, having purpose, sleeping well, reducing stress, getting proper sunshine, and spending time in nature all pave the way towards optimal health. We need to focus on “health care” and disease prevention that seeks to fix the root cause of ailments instead of relying on “sick care” that puts a bandaid on our problems.

This course is all about whole health and we cover it all!

Most modern diseases are diseases of lifestyle

and the choices we make, day in and day out, are the drivers.

Evolution hasn’t equipped us for highly processed foods stripped of nutrition, high sugar foods, trans fats, and empty calories. It hasn’t equipped us for our modern lifestyles of high stress, poor sleep, insufficient exercise and environmental toxins.

What's included

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  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Private Facebook Community with Direct Access to the Instructor

  • Supplemental Material: Meal Plan Help, Recipe Lists, Shopping Lists, Fitness Plans, and more!

  • References, References, and More References (Expand Your Learning As You See Fit)

  • Printable Slide Templates for Note Taking

  • 10 Weeks of Content with Over 6 hours of Video!

About Your Instructor


Ania Wiesak, M.S., PHC

Hi! I'm Ania. I'm a certified Primal Health Coach and paleo-inspired natural health blogger over at Live Clean Nourish. I also hold a master's degree in Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management. I am passionate about health and even more passionate about the power of taking an ancestral eye to our health decisions. I believe that diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver's seat. Let's revolutionize what it means to be healthy and live the vibrant lives we're supposed to.


Personal Trainer

Collie DeLoach

The course gave me great insight into understanding all the factors that are impacting my health and how best I can address/alleviate them. Incredibly in depth with tons of references. A great go to guide for many years to come. Highly recommended!

Stay at Home Mom

Sarah Lavery

Wow! There's so much in this course! I thought I knew a lot about health already but there's so much I haven't even thought about. Ania really takes health to the next level!

Physician Assistant

Erynn Kay, PA-C

Ania has a strong passion for the paleo movement. She genuinely cares about the rising rates of chronic but largely preventable diseases and wants to make a difference by teaching people how to make diet and lifestyle changes for better health. She’s dedicated to helping others achieve the health transformations she has.

Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp


  • 2

    Week 2: Paleo Concepts and Theory

    • Medical disclaimer

    • Week 2 slide deck for note taking

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Soy

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Vegetable oils

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Wheat

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Sugar

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Processed food

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Meat

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Saturated fat

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Cholesterol

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: Salt

    • Getting rid of preconceived notions: GMOs

    • Paleo misconceptions

    • Paleo benefits to health and lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 2

  • 3

    Week 3: Paleo Diet and Template

    • Week 3 slide deck for note taking

    • Paleo template introduction

    • The paleo diet

    • Paleo template

    • What not to eat

    • Buying organic

    • Sourcing ethical meat

    • Cooking, meal planning, and cost

    • Traveling while paleo

    • Using food to self medicate and lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 3

    • Supplemental Material: Paleo Guide and Shopping List

    • Supplemental Material: Meal Plan Worksheet

    • Supplemental Material: Paleo Recipes

    • Supplemental Material: Paleo Approved Baking Options

    • Supplemental Material: Clean Fifteen

    • Supplemental Material: Dirty Dozen

    • Supplemental Material: Guide to Buying Eggs

    • Supplemental Material: Paleo Finds at Costco

    • Supplemental Material: Paleo Substitutions

  • 4

    Week 4: Beyond Paleo

    • Week 4 slide deck for note taking

    • Beyond paleo diet introduction and low carb diets

    • Intermittent fasting

    • Autoimmune protocol

    • Gut healing diets

    • Biohacking

    • Weston A. Price

    • Low histamine diet

    • Whole 30 and lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 4

    • Supplemental Material: Carb Curve

  • 5

    Week 5: Failure of Mainstream Medical System

    • Week 5 slide deck for note taking

    • Introduction

    • Modern humans are too clean

    • Why functional medicine is the answer

    • Gut health

    • Epigenetics

    • Supplements and herbs

    • Supporting mitochondrial health

    • Preconception, pregnancy, birth and raising children & lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 5

    • Supplemental Material: Find a Functional Medicine Practioner

  • 6

    Week 6: Toxins Part 1, What You Expose Your Body To

    • Week 6 slide deck for note taking

    • Introduction

    • Cosmetic and beauty products introduction; fragrance

    • Hand sanitizer

    • What's in personal care products

    • Deodorant

    • Make up

    • Bug spray

    • Sunscreen

    • Laundry

    • The clothing we wear

    • Clean water

    • Feminine products

    • Dental health

    • Making changes and lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 6

  • 7

    Week 7: Toxins Part 2, Environmental Toxins

    • Week 7 slide deck for note taking

    • Introduction, furniture, and mattresses

    • Carpet, paint, and particleboard

    • Cookware

    • Dust

    • Mold

    • Plastics

    • EMFs

    • Lawn Care

    • Cleaning your home

    • How to detox

    • How to clean your environment and lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 7

  • 8

    Week 8: Paleo Inspired Fitness

    • Week 8 slide deck for note taking

    • Introduction

    • Why exercise is bad for weight loss

    • Why too much exercise is not good

    • What we should probably be doing

    • Primal fitness program and lesson conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 8

    • Supplemental Material: Fitness Pyramid

    • Supplemental Material: Primal Essential Movements

    • Supplemental Material: Sprinting Guide

    • Supplemental Material: Heart Rate Calculations

  • 9

    Week 9: Sleep and Stress

    • Week 9 slide deck for note taking

    • Sleep

    • Stress

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 9

    • Supplemental Material: Hacking Your Electronics to Lower Blue Light Exposure

  • 10

    Week 10: Nature, Sunshine, Relationships and Purpose

    • Week 10 slide deck for note taking

    • Introduction and nature

    • Fostering healthy relationships, having community, and being social

    • Emotional wellbeing, happiness, and purpose

    • Brain health

    • Course conclusion

    • Supplemental Material: References Week 10

    • Supplemental Material: Additional Recommended Resources

Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp